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Let's Worship the Auburn Queen

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Those Crazy Janeway Fans
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"There's coffee in that nebula"
**Because of spammers, this community now has moderated membership. If you attempt to join with a brand new journal or a journal with no entries, you will be denied.**

Do you always find yourself in heated debates with friends about why Captain Janeway is the best Star Trek captain? Did you cry when the J-Team's website went offline? Did you buy Photoshop just to make tons of Janeway icons for your LJ? Have you ever been told that you talk too much about her? Ah, then you've come to the right place, my friend.

images5Ctick.gif image by kopylova4+ General discussions/squeeings about Captain Janeway
+ Picspams! (with an lj-cut)
+ Icon-Spams (made a lot of Janeway icons? Post 'em!)
+ Fan art/fanfic/music video links (anything you like, or something you made)
+ Friendliness. :)
+ You may introduce yourself in your own post if you'd like. We don't have one post meant solely for introductions or anything like that. When you join, I want to know it so you can be welcomed! XD

no.png image by kopylova4 + Bashing of any sort/general rudeness. We all love Janeway here! And we're all going to accept the fact that other people have different opinions about 'ships and what-not, and we are going to be nice even if we don't agree with someone else's post. :)
+ DON'T make your first post an advertisement for another community. Come on, it's rude to join a community just to advertise for another.
+ If you're going to link to anything that people might consider objectionable, post a warning.

Hey, we may seem obsessed, but... oh, wait, that's right... we are. ♥

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